WHAT MAKES Luggin unique ?



Luggin is a mobile and web-based software application for collaborative delivery in a few clicks between individuals. Based on the unexploited kilos of air transport passenger, it offers an accessible, flexible and fast alternative to the routing of parcels and luggage. Luggin, for a fair travel journey while serving the community.


Connect trusted people to share kilos and service costs. The concept aims to be transcontinental, cross-border, inter-community and targets people of all ages, groups, psychographic demographic categories.

WHAT MAKES Luggin unique ?


Contact is only made between members of the community. The profiles will be checked on the basis of the cross-referencing of the data provided, which will be protected. Transactions will be evaluated, monitored and users will be rated by other community members.


Effective insurance will be offered to users for each transaction to cover damages.


With customer satisfaction as our golden rule and obsession, a 24/7 helpdesk will be available to mediate between parties in case of dispute and to collect users' complaints.


  • Limitation of the number of kilos per passenger, prohibition of certain objects and products in the cabin while more and more companies are selling tickets with optional checked luggage.

  • Lack of pro-rated fare plans for excess kilos for the journey, which leads to high costs for excess kilos.

  • Difficulties in transporting parcels to and from emerging countries, resulting in delays. high and very expensive costs for fast parcels with traditional carriers.

  • Closed borders, restrictions on travel and transactions, fear of travelling due to the health situation, which makes it difficult to acquire  useful or exotic basic necessities.




To create a brand that can express both the world of transport and the economy of sharing. Become the number 1 solution in the world to facilitate the transport of parcels/baggage between individuals.



For the traveller who does not use all his luggage capacity

  • He makes his unused luggage (kilos) available to other travellers or senders in exchange for money, thus minimising cost of his travel expenses and providing a service to the community, without making a profit.


For the traveller in excess of kilos

  • They benefit from a cheaper solution to have their excess carried by a passenger on the same flight.

  • He thus keeps his belongings without having to abandon them.

  • He gains peace of mind for his trip by freeing himself from air transport injunctions relating to luggage.


For the senders

  • It benefits from a cheaper solution than traditional shipping costs.

  • Faster, more flexible than traditional parcel carriers.

For the community

  • A solution that minimises waste by reducing the amount of objects seized at checkpoints and abandoned at airports.

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Luggin looks forward to being the world's No. 1 consumer parcel delivery solution. No more having to leave your personal belongings at the airport,paying exorbitant charges for excess kilos or to send fast parcels to the destinations of your choice. We connect senders in need of quick and affordable solutions and travellers ready to give up a small place in their suitcase, wishing to minimise the costs of their travel expenses while serving the community.