By joining the Luggin team :

  • You will be part of the genesis of a promising project, with a global reach for a community in love with innovation and humanism.iversity its richness and community its strength.

  • You will participate in the democratisation of a collaborative, sustainable delivery method while improving the experience of travellers and senders.

  • You will be working in an environment where graduates, practitioners, enthusiasts, self-taught people are equally at home, and in in which you will play a leading role.

  • You will be joining a startup that is destined to grow rapidly around the world, making diversity its richness and community its strength.

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    Luggin looks forward to being the world's No. 1 consumer parcel delivery solution. No more having to leave your personal belongings at the airport,paying exorbitant charges for excess kilos or to send fast parcels to the destinations of your choice. We connect senders in need of quick and affordable solutions and travellers ready to give up a small place in their suitcase, wishing to minimise the costs of their travel expenses while serving the community.